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We are staffed by firearms professionals who are backed by decades of hands-on experience using various types of firearms. Safety, professionalism, and a sense of community are paramount at Gear Matrix . Gear Matrix is fiercely pro-2nd Amendment, and extremely pro-customer—in other words, we’re here for you.

Gear Matrix will be offering the best deal on guns, ammunition, personal protection, and training. Whether you are a lifelong shooting enthusiast, an avid gun collector, a military veteran with a keen eye for a quality scope, a competitive marksman, or a novice interested strictly in self-defense, Gear Matrix is your best option for quality firearms, ammunition, and wide-ranging firearm accessories.


Gear Matrix

Welcome to Gear Matrix, your one-stop shop for survival, tactical, and outdoor gear. We have been participating in the shooting sports, one of this nation’s greatest traditions, since 1989, and we have been profiled in Rifle Magazine and American Survival Guide. We’ve worked on numerous films, including “Insomnia.” And we take pride in the fact that over 80% of our products are produced in the USA.

We truly do have “the Best Service in The West,” as they claim about us. You may rely on us to pick up the phone if you call and communicate with us. Our company was created with a specific goal in mind thanks to Brenda, who is enthusiastic about empowering women, and Mark, a former army veteran.

We have everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors and be ready for any situation, including high-quality Magazines, guns made with extreme precision, holsters, and ammunition engineered to produce maximum performance and accuracy. Our full selection of concealed-carry holsters and fanny packs for men and women opens up a world of possibilities and bulletproof methods to make your experience safer, whether you are a shooting enthusiast, a hunter, a first-time buyer, in the military, or in law enforcement.

Our History


Step One


Gear Matrix was founded in 1989 with a group of individuals with a vision and the right position to make it happen


Gear Matrix is now mailing out 100,000 catalogs at a time, each packed with firearm accessories, gun gear, and Frames


Launches and expands product availability to solidify its place as America’s top off-grid firearm supplier


Gear Matrix now offers 1,000+ in-stock products on its website—most ready to ship same-day from its headquarters. The company continues to be dedicated to providing excellent customer service