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Gear Matrix Offers Gun slides AKA ghost guns for sale, alongside an extensive inventory comprising of Rifle frames, Gun Mags, Ammunition and other gun accessories.

Gear Matrix sells kits, fixtures, uppers, stocks and lower parts kits to finish every 3D and DIY weapons system on the market. The items we carry are the ones we use ourselves.

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Ghost Guns For Sale

Ghost guns for sale available at Gear Matrix catalogue at the best prices available. Our ghost guns for sale come with the best quality, made from the best materials in the world. Our support service, product quality, and service have been drive bringing our customers back

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Our Service quality and product precision advertise our excellent standards for us

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Our pride point is follow up until the order is delivered

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We provide easy and anonymous payment methods for ease of purchase

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Ghost Guns For Sale

We deliver our “ghost guns” and other products in our store throughout the entire United States at a standard flat shipping rate

In general, a “ghost gun” is any kind of firearm made at home from materials not already considered firearms under the law. There are no exact, legal definitions of “80% receivers” or “unfinished firearms,” but ghost guns are most often made from these.

We care about tolerances and the right components, so we work directly with producers and importers to stock the highest quality Ghost guns for sale and components on the market. In addition, we sell slides, frames, mags, ammo and accessories for completing your builds at any level of expertise.